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Kyle Mosley, a dreamer with the passion of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Young achiever and oratory champion, Kyle Mosley, attends a Houston area elementary magnet school for Health Sciences. He is a ten year old fifth grader who is also a member of the National Elementary Honor Society.  His favorite subjects are Math, Science and Language Arts.
Kyle has been a proud member of The Ensemble Theatre’s Young Performers’ Program since 2014. He was a featured extra in Gordon Education Initiatives for the Performing Arts’ “Take the Stage” and was an honored “First Reader” with First Lady Barbara Bush and Reading Discovery.
This year, Kyle was the Second Place Winner in the 2016 Gardere MLK, Jr. Oratory Competition, where the question was, “What Would Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. say if he was running for President in 2016?” Following his win, Kyle was interviewed by Good Morning America and was part of a nationally featured segment.  Locally, he was featured on Fox 26 Morning News and Crossroads with Melanie Lawson.
In addition to acting, performing, public speaking and singing, Kyle also enjoys playing the piano and is a Tae Kwon Do Black Belt Candidate.  While Kyle is very involved in many activities, he still enjoys playing football with his friends, reading books on his tablet and creating intricate Lego designs and sculptures.

Watch here as Kyle, delivers his “Let the Healing Begin” speech during this year's 20th annual Gardere MLK Jr. Oratory Competition where he received the second place award for his performance.

Congratulations Kyle!

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