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Innovative Medical Missions


Innovative Medical Missions (IMM) is a new initiative of The Harris Foundation that promotes the innovative use of medical technologies in support of philanthropic healthcare missions worldwide. IMM has received the donation from the Mark Paul Terk Charitable Trust of a LifeBot 5, a groundbreaking telemedicine device designed to provide technological support to healthcare teams in even the most challenging environments. IMM has partnered with LifeBot and Dr. Brian Scheele of Pacific Northwest Surgical Outreach (PNSO) for the June 2015 inaugural deployment of this device to Belen, Peru, where the LifeBot 5 will support a team of PNSO doctors performing surgical outreach in resource limited communities in the Amazon region. The LifeBot 5 will serve as a link to remote surgical support at the University of Miami (FL) and as an intraoperative anesthesia monitor while in Peru, and IMM will use data collected by the LifeBot 5 to plan and support future missions with the LifeBot 5 and other innovative medical technologies.

Currently the IMM team is in Haiti conducting much needed primary care and disease screening for individuals living in the remote regions of Haiti. Take a look at our photo gallery below to see snapshots from our mission in Haiti.

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